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O How to search for items?
You can search for an item either by typing its keyword or you can search for all the items in a particular city or postcode. Enter key word of item you are interested in finding; For Example: WATCH this will look for items that have the keyword "watch". Or you can type "LONDON" and you will get a list of items which are located in London.

How do I contact the owner of the ad?
Once your item is found click on the item to display its full details. The item detail should display its contact details, discription and an image of the item if available.
If you are iterested in item you can send a message to the ownser by filling out the reply to ad, located at the bottom of the Ad Details page. The advertiser may replay back with confirmation and negotiate any further agreement on recieving item and payment.
Or you can call them on the telephone number, if provided.

O How to advertise on yourestore classified catagories?
To take advantage of free services you must be a registered member with yourestore.co.uk. Its FREE! to JOIN!

In your Members Panel you will have:


<<<<Click on this button to start advertisin for FREE.
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Then choose the category of relavance to your ad and follow instructions.

O What are the rules of advertising on yourestore.co.uk?
Yourestore.co.uk is very serious about offensive and illegal ads being submited for advertising. (Please lets keep this site suitable for under 18 yr olds.) Therefore yourestore.co.uk cannot tolorate any of the following:

° offensive materials (racial or sexual)
° illegal or stolen items (that applies to warez also)
° false information on discription of item (lieing to sell)
° use of fawl language on yourestore
° abusing other members on yourestore

All advertiser must comply or face future ban. Read terms and conditions


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